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Conventional psychotherapy and mental health treatment doesn’t work for everyone. When it does work, it can take months to years of weekly or twice weekly treatment to get relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use. ​Further, classical mental health medications, while life-changing for some, can leave as much as 70% of people without relief. Lifestyle changes including exposure to nature, dietary supplementation and physical activities improve well-being yet may be insufficient on their own.

What if you could get better results than traditional mental health treatment? What if you could get all the benefits of psychotherapy rapidly in weeks of sessions instead of months to years? What if medications repaired your brain and mind rather than alleviated symptoms?

What if that benefit was long lasting?

In the last 20 years mental health has undergone a renaissance. Treatments explored in the earlier part of the 20th century are being rediscovered. Further, new innovations are driving safer and more effective treatments for mental health. Finally, classical treatments are being updated and adapted to a changing world.

“Three-quarter of Americans report their mental health to be meaningfully affected by the life stresses of modern life”

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to seek mental health treatment.

Integrative Psych—under the direction of its founder, Dr. Ryan Sultan, is pioneering an innovative model of mental health treatment. Leveraging effective psychotherapy, mental health medications, and lifestyle interventions to create greater, longer lasting and more rapid wellness than conventional mental health treatment.
Integreative Psych

Meet The Founder

Dr. Sultan, son of psychiatrist, is a dual board certified mental health physician who has made it his life’s mission to explore, learn and practice the many treatments for the mind and its troubles.

Dr. Sultan’s path has led him to extensive training in therapies ranging from meditation and mindfulness to practical cognitive behavioral therapy and deep psychodynamic therapy. As a physician, he has explored how classical and innovative medical treatments can foster healing of the mind as well as personal growth.

These extensive range of therapies can be effective for many individuals, however they often take years to get results and many individuals hit walls in their treatment—getting only limited benefits.

Dr. Sultan founded Integrative Psych to push past the barriers of traditional mental health treatment by using naturally derived compounds in conjunction with conventional treatments such as medications, lifestyle interventions and psychotherapy to heal the pain and struggles in our minds beyond what traditional mental health treatments can accomplish.

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